Paris Kizomba World Cup Festival

Paris World Cup Festival 2019

A incredible alternative to enjoy on the weekend of November 15th to 18th: The Kizomba World Cup Festival.

During this weekend you will be entitled to a pre-party, 3 parties, workshops and the opportunity to attend the most anticipated contest of the end of the year the kizomba world cup contest.


Dj Paraiso
Dj Zayx
Dj Madiss
Dj Lass
Dj Tecas
Dj Stefanio Lima
Dj Leda
Dj Nao
Dj Stou
Dj Bokoss
Dj Haemer
Dj yans


Alex & Dede
Mr Tecas
Moun Urban kiz
Mike Even’s
Davy & Diana
Jordan-Joy william
Dywen & Mathilde
Moussa Diop
Booka & Lowrrayne


16h – 20h Social room
22h – 23h Workshop
23h – 08h Party

11h – 14h Workshop
14h – 08h social+ party 18h non stop

11h – 14h Workshop
14h – 04h Finale of the contest+Party

The Contest

Contest has teams with couples of dancers who represent their nation in this following way:
– The country of origin for leaders AND follower for half of the couples.
– The country of origin for EITHER leader OR follower for the others half of the couples

A head coach will put together a roster of 8 couples following these rules.

All countries will have to compete in all categories (Semba show, Kizomba, Urban kiz, Tarraxinha, Afro and Battle 4vs4)

For the team battle, 4 couples will be chosen by the head coach to face a team from a different country. Each couple has only a try. The style for each team will be drawn before each battle.

Depending on the number of countries available, groups will be made, round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, third place play-off and final

Once countries participating, 8 couples max, and groups made, the battles will be on the ring.

The head coach will have to choose the right couple to represent their country on a battle depending on the category and challenge announced on the ring. Once the head coach will choose and advice the couple, the battle will be able to start.

Warning : A couple of dancers won’t be able to make more than one battle per game. (Besides the team and afro category)

In order to challenge the work of the head coach, a couple of dancers won’t be able to be together for two consecutive battles.

Example : Game 1 France Brazil the couple formed by A and B
For the game 2, they must find another dance partner to compete but A and B will be able to come back together for game 3

Each battle will be graded by a jury. The points will be given in the following way : Three points for a win, a point for a tie game and no point for a loss.

The final tournament will be a single elimination game.



Hotel premiere classe less than 1minute by walk