Poland Bachaturo Warsaw Could Be Moved To The Next Year


As everyone else knows, the Poland Bachaturo Warsaw was to take place between 14 and 16 August 2020, but it seems that its organizers have changed their mind.

On the Facebook page of the event, you can read a statement in which the organizers say they will wait until June 29 to assess the way everything is going. If the situation does not change, there will be no other option but to move the event to the next year.
Next, here is the statement:

“EN & PL version

Dear dancers
As you know, major dance events are not possible at the moment. I decided to wait until June 29 and if the situation does not change I will have to move the festival to next year.

What if the festival is postponed?
In addition to confirmed artists for 2020, additional guests will be invited (I recommend checking the line up before the decision), which will be announced on June 29.

All tickets will be automatically transferred to the next year or it will be possible to receive a refund within 180 days (link to governmental order regarding the return date https://www.gov.pl/…/gov/zwroc-wplacone-przez-klientow-zali… – at-later-date? fbclid = IwAR3Rpx1fuc2wzjhVHJAgS57Bwt_LIF36Y6mmTU226yvLOA69Y-5mEmcv_F0)

At the Sangate Hotel and Airport Okęcie, you will be able to transfer your room reservation to next year.

On June 29, official news about the festival will appear on www.bachaturo.com”