Presentation of the book “Salsa en Caracas” of Federico Pacanins at the Bookshop Lugar Común


On tuesday, February 11th 2014, the presentation of the book “Salsa en Caracas” of Federico Pacanins at the Bookshop “Lugar Común” was a real treat for bibliophiles and lovers of salsa.

This handsome bookshop was opened just one year ago, by the same young writers who own the Publishing Cooperative with the same name. This place, which is situated in a very nice area of Caracas, diagonal to the Plaza Altamira in Chacao, has been host of fascinating lectures, workshops and events.

The words of presentation were given by Garcilaso Pumar, who is a member of the Publishing Cooperative and by the author. The live music was playing by some of the musicians of the band “Retropicales”: Juan Manuel Blanco, Jesus Rafael Pérez, Argenis Carmona.

“Salsa en Caracas” opens the VITROLA Collection of “Editorial Lugar Común”, dedicated to both venezuelan and universal music. This book is a pleasant and varied journey through fragments of the history of Salsa music in Caracas, with testimonials from his musicians, orchestras and singers. Interviews, anecdotes and stories of memorable concerts  that  testify the enjoyment that Federico Pacanins feels for this genre.  The book includes  a CD with eighteen tracks which also were chosen by the author.

Federico Pacanins is a lawyer, a radio announcer, essayist and musical chronicler. He is also dedicated  to create and produce amazing musical spectacles, where he combines chronicle with theatre and poetry. Some of his essays are: “En defensa del melómano” (1999), “Jazzofilia” (1996), “Primera persona” (2003), “Tropicalia caraqueña” (2005), “Conversaciones con Aldemaro Romero” (2006), “Biografía de Aldemaro Romero” (2009), “Biografía de Billo Frómeta” (2010).

Click here for an interview by Informe21TV (spanish)

Salsa en Caracas. Federico Pacanins. Lugar Común, Cooperativa Editorial, 2013. Colección VITROLA. Impresión Fanarte, C.A. Editado en Caracas, Venezuela. ISBN 978-980-7468-20-6

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