Que Pasa Latin Lounge

Que Pasa Latin Lounge

Que Pasa Latin Lounge first started out as a Dance Studio, with the focus on teaching the “joe public” to dance. It soon became apparent that the students needed a place where they could put their new found learning to the test. And so Que Pasa became more than just a studio, it became Cape Town’s first dedicated Salsa Club. A place where people come together to dance, meet, have fun and learn more about Latin culture.

As Salsa defines all the qualities that the Latin Culture encompasses, so this is the one theme that runs throughout the venue. For Salsa is not just about the Music or the Dance, it stands for a lot more…

Just as Salsa is a combination of many rhythms, instruments & dance forms, so it provides a platform to combine many kinds of people, no matter what age, nationality, colour or status level. Synonymously, as Salsa has spread all over the world by sharing it’s secrets and encouraging people to work together, we at Que Pasa, like to encourage the same flair for life and enthusiasm to accept others by overlooking our individual faults.

This is the true Latin Culture of acceptance, integrity, sharing & celebration of life that Que Pasa Latin Lounge stands for and propagates at every opportunity. We would like to invite you to join us and build a community where this philosophy is not just a dream, but a reality … ¬°QUE VIVA LA SALSA, QUE RICO EL MAMBO!


15 Caledon Street, Cape Town, South Africa

Website: www.quepasa.co.za

Landline: +27 (0)27 465 0225

Mobile: +27 (0)74 199 0918

Email: info@quepasa.co.za