A Rubén Blades documentary is coming soon


“Yo no me llamo Rubén Blades” is the documentary that goes through his 50 years of career, at an important moment, because these will be the last concerts he will give, since he has decided to retire from the stage.

The film directed by Abner Benaim, gives us the opportunity to know their privacy, giving us a closer look at their music and their stories, through his testimonies and of those who lived and played music with him.

Yo No Me Llamo Rubén Blades (Rubén Blades is Not My Name), won the Audience Award at the SXSW Film Festival, and will be available on HBO, according to Abner Benaim, the doc’s director.

“I was looking to find out who is the man behind the artist,” said Benaim (who, like Blades, is from Panama). “Who is the guy who writes these songs that are so incredible and that have moved so many people and have made people think. A couple generations of Latin Americans have his songs in their heads.”

In the film — which was shot in Blades’ native Panama City, his longtime home town New York, and in various locations on the road — the famed salsa singer, actor and humanitarian narrates the story of his life and career. Blades takes the viewer on a tour of the neighborhood where he was born, the former Fania Records offices and his Manhattan home, among other locations.

 The revealing film includes performances of “Pedro Navaja” and other well-known tracks, and Paul Simon, Sting and Calle 13’s Residente also make cameos. 

No Me Llamo Rubén Blades will also have a theatrical run in in Latin America, premiering on Aug. 30.