San Tropez Dance School

San Tropez Dance School


Taking dance lessons is a most pleasant experience at The Dance Center. The teaching team is currently made of several dedicated dance instructors. To them, being a teacher means more than just making you a good dancer. It means making your learning experience fun, stimulating and motivating.

Not just anybody can be a Dance Center teacher. The instructors are chosen not just for their dancing prowess, but also for their personality and teaching skills. They train continuously to acquire the most efficient teaching methods and the latest dance moves.

Although each of them has specific strengths and specialties, all of the Dance Center teachers are qualified to teach more than a dozen different dance styles, from Salsa to Swing, and from Cha-cha to Argentine Tango.

Teamwork is very important for the Dance Center instructors. They all work with the same teaching system, so when you take a lesson with any of them you will benefit from their collective experience and from the diversity of their personalities.

The instructors come from many different parts of the world and their experience is as diverse as their talent. All of them have extensive dance backgrounds and some of them have experience coaching sports, teaching music and even aerobics.

Lessons are provided in a variety of languages including English, French and Spanish.

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  • Ladies Styling Choreography Tuesdays – 8pm
  • Hip Hop Choreography Thursday – 7pm
  • Mens Styling Choreo Tuesday  – 7pm
  • Salsa – Bachata Choreo every Wednesday – 7pm
  • Kizomba Choreography Fridays – 8pm

Location: 1222 Peel St, Montreal, QC H3B 5L4, Canada