Sheila E. On U.S. Tour Enjoy the best Woman Drummer of the last three decades for two months

Sheila E.:

For three decades, Sheila Escovedo better known by her world fans as Sheila E., has been a dynamic and influential musician, besides being a musical icon and inspirational figure for all entertainment movement since she debuted with her first solo album, The Glamorous Life.

In each performance she has captivated crowds of all ages with her passion, talent and unparalleled personality. Sheila E. live mixture Latin Jazz, Pop, R&B and Funk rhythms in all her musical shows.

At any given time during the concert, Pete Escovedo’s daughter could surprise you singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or all three at once on the stage interpreting her recent hits from her newest album, Icon, and the public´s older favorites. Sheila is appearing at venues of all sizes across the country, and if you haven’t had the opportunity to attend to one of them, now is your moment!