SONORA CARRUSELES at CONGA ROOM in California on August 16th


Price: $25 -$90

Time: 9:00PM – 1:00AM

Age: 21 & over with Valid Identification



La Sonora Carruseles 

Sonora Carruseles is a salsa band created in Colombia during 90’s and currently based in Medellín.

In August 2015, U.S. Ex-President Barack Obama included the group’s song “La Salsa la Traigo Yo” on his personal playlist which got a significant international interest in this band.

The group has released 14 studio´s albums: “Espectacular” (1995), “Salsa y Fuego” (1996), “Heavy Salsa” (1998), “Con Todos Los Hierros” (2000), “De Una Vez Gozando” (2002), “La Salsa La Traigo Yo” (2003), “Que No Pare la Rumba” (2004), “Somos los Duros de la Salsa” (2006), “Mucho Mejor” (2008), “Maestro de la Salsa Dura” (2009), “Rumba Dura” (2012), “Salsa Pa’l Mundo” (2013), “Live” (2014) and “Se Prendió La Rumba” (2015). Sonora Carruseles have traveled around most of Europe and Latin America with half members from Latin American countries.