Sonora Ponceña and her 1982 album “Determination”

Sonora Ponceña and her 1982 album

A production that placed “Yambeque” on its first song


La Sonora Ponceña is a Puerto Rican orchestra of Afro-Caribbean music founded by “Quique” Lucca in 1954.

Directed by the son of “Quique”, Papo Lucca, it is one of the most important groups of the musical genre

This time we highlight the album “Determination” from 1982, a production that placed “Yambeque” on its first song: a melody from Regla de Ocha to the orishas that brings a rumba within its particular style of salsa and excelling in a solo he “small” Johnny Rivero and the interpretation “Toñito” Ledee.

Sonora Ponceña and her 1982 album "DeterminationOn the song “Soledad,” it was Yolanda Rivera’s turn, along with Miguelito Ortiz and Toñito Ledee, where they sing about loneliness and its peculiarities and dangers.

In “Creo en ti,” the arrangement of the ninths and suspended chords on the trumpet harmonies stood out, very well complemented by Yolanda Rivera’s interpretation of this bolero.

Sonora Ponceña and her 1982 album "DeterminationSonora Ponceña and her 1982 album "Determination

The song “Herida cerrada en falso”, lyrics and interpretation provided by Toñito Ledee, where we enjoy the vocal style of this great singer.

The melody that followed on this album was “Date cuenta”: a call to young people who go around playing with hearts.

In “Si la ven”, where the piano solo turned the main line of the melody into a Classical Music Minuet and where we enjoyed the harmonies that were used in the trumpets and flute horn by Juancito Torres.

In “Joldo” Maestro Papo Lucca makes Jazz taking this melody to a more accentuated Latin plane.

In “Aunque te quiero” Songo with Salsa was employed for a sense of harmony and dance-driving, where this melody reflects the heart of the true and full romantic lover, who regrets the love that does not return to him.

In this production we have wanted specially to detail that we counted on Enrique Quique Lucca like Musical Director; to Enrique Papo Lucca like Producer, Arranger, choir and piano; vocalists to Yolanda Rivera, Miguelito Ortiz and Toñito Ledee; in the choir to Edwin Rosas and like guest also in choirs Mr. Adalberto Santiago.

We were fortunate and honored to have lyrics by Adalberto Alvarez, Jose A. Mendez, Toñito Ledee, Francisco Alvarado, Roberto Anglero, Joseito Gonzalez and one with DRA.

This album continued to mark the musical line that we brought and continued to have the privilege of the favor and acceptance of each of our fans, who to this day continue to fully enjoy each of the melodies present in this production.

We say goodbye to you and thank you for your attention, and we will return soon with another release for all of you.