Spirit of Cape Verde Holidays – October 10th to 20th


We invite you to enjoy an unforgettable holidays dancing in Cape Verde!

After many years of dancing all over the world, of travelling to enjoy our interests and hobbies, of promoting and organising numerous international dance events, Spirit of Cape Verde came to life naturally in 2016.

Everybody succumbed to the charms of the “real” Cape Verde, the smiles and warmth that welcomes you everywhere, the sounds of morna or ​​​coladeira filtering from their cafes into the street, the way we still felt Cesaria Evoria’s presence, the way every islands is unique and offers unforgettable landscape at every gaze. They wanted to share their experience with like-minded individuals, friends, partners who want to discover Cape Verde like a local and with the locals.


Dance Workshops
Daily dance workshops in Kizomba, Semba with international instructors and Cape Verdean dances with local teachers. Our dance workshops are split into 2 levels: beginners and intermediate / advanced in order to cater for everyone in the group, whether you have never danced or been on every dance floor for the last 4 years.


Sightseeing & Tours in Cape Verde
Visit 2 very different islands; Santo Antao: island of mountains, wind and water, unspoilt and jaw-dropping beautiful and Sao Vicente: hedonist, musical and cultural, where life revolve around music, dancing and Laginha beach. Accompanied by local specialist guides who unconditionally share their love for their islands and knowledge with all of you.

Cape Verdean Culture
Our holidays to Cape Verde are unique. They include the experiences you’ve been dreaming about, as well as that local insight that you won’t get coming alone or with another tour. We guarantee to make you discover the rich culture of this smiling nation, from its history, to its cuisine via its local traditions.


Socialising & Parties
Local DJs, venues and promoters to have a variety of events to attend to socialise  between ourselves, but also with locals and of course to dance the night away. Previous event have included local street party by our DJ, Beach party, street concert, dancing under the stars in the bay, kizomba nights in different venues, carnival themed party. The only constant we can guarantee is for you to be entertained!


Meet Cape Verdeans
Choose to travel with us to get know, mingle and connect with locals Cape Verdeans. We also guarantee that more of your money will stay in Cape Verde allowing the communities you visit, the local organisation we use to grow and the people you meet to live healthier, happier lives.


Make new friendships
When you travel with us, you will share the experience with like minded-people and become part of a global community of curious and better informed travellers whose interests goes far beyond just dancing. They are just like you, travelling solo, with friends or as a couple and we’ve witnessed many connections and friendships lasting long after our trips.


More information, Venue & Tickets: https://www.spiritofcapeverde.com/



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