Javier Plaza is one of the most recognized venezuelan percussionists in Europe, with a career of over 20 years in the Salsa and Latin music industry. Do you want to know more about him? Here we give you the details.

Javier Plaza was born in 1952, in Caracas, Venezuela. While he was growing up, music was one of the most important things, practicing different instruments with friends and family. Between those friends were future stars like Bitervo Plaza, José “Cheo” Navarro and Alfredo “Cutuflá” Franchesqui. In the mid 70’s, his career took off when he joined different Latin bands, such as: Rumbón 10, Sexteto Juventud, Enrique “Culebra” Iriarte and his orchestra; which opened the doors for him to a new discography market with the help of the producer Victor Mendoza. Later, Plaza created his own band called Orquesta Café in the company of Joe Ruiz and Carlos Espósito, making possible the recording of one of his most important songs.

After many years, Alfredo Cutuflá invited him to join the Combo
Ventú in Paris with other venezuelan musicians. Here is when Plaza started a career in Europe playing with different bands and in other artist’s projects. Thanks to the Com Ventu connections, the manager of Orquesta Conexión Latina offered him to joined the group in Munich, Germany, and since then, he was part of this band for 18 years.

Nowadays, he is still in Germany, working in his own project, the salsa band Son-Risa, and his mission is to spread the Venezuelan flavor all over Europe.