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Dance in Thailand

Each year, about 6,000,000 tourists visit Thailand. That number continues to grow by leaps and bounds as the world discovers what a wonderful place it is. Bangkok feels an influx of 11,000,000 non-resident visitors each year.

A smile can go a long way, and you’ll find more smiles in Thailand than just about anywhere else. In fact, it’s sometimes known as the “land of smiles” because the people of Thailand seem to be always ready with a smile. They are a peace-loving culture, desiring harmony over conflict.

Each visitor to Thailand leaves with a better understanding of how special the country is, with many coming back to get married in a place they fell in love with.

When will it be your turn to discover what makes Thailand so interesting?

Thailand is one of those places where day smoothly progresses to night, and you still have enough to see and do every day of your holiday! It really is hard to weigh the beauty of Thailand from when the sun comes up and when it goes down. The country’s natural beauty knows no bounds, with the vast blue sea and dense green cover in every direction, and beaches and cultural hubs in between.

The scenic spots are best visited during the day, but at night, Thailand takes on a whole new avatar. Beach parties, safaris, night markets, nightclubs, street food and larger-than-life shows will take your breath away, while you join the throngs of visitors who love experiencing the country under an inky sky and twinkling stars.

Here is quick guide to some of Thailand’s most thriving nightlife places to keep you going till the sun comes up.

Salsa Dance in Bangkok

This is an advanced tourist option, in case you want to be original and tell your friends back home that you went to dance Salsa in Bangkok (have you been to Cuba or to Thailand ?)

Going to dance Salsa in Bangkok is a very good idea because you will meet local people and expatriates and not only tourists. In addition, the Salsa in Bangkok is one of the world’s best: there is an interesting mix of people, open classes before the parties and of course, Latinos who live here.

You will be surprised, but there is Salsa dancing every day of the week in Bangkok (Salsa or Bachata or Kizomba). The evenings are usually taking place in lobbies of hotels or bars.

See this Salsa Bangkok site to see a weekly schedule of the Salsa dancing in Bangkok.

Before going to a place look at their Facebook page because they may announce cancellations the same day. Here are the main Salsa organizers in Bangkok and their info.

Salsa Thailand

Latin Music & Dance in Thailand. Featuring exclusive parties and events

+66 87 701 8504


La Rueda Latin Club

Sukhumvit 18. Khlong Toei. Bangkok 10110

Salsa Club that plays: Salsa, Bachata, Merengue. Open Thu and Sat 10pm will be pack. Improver Class 9pm, Beginners 8pm. Recommended Mojito and Long Island Ice tea. Owner is at the bar!

How to get there?