This life of Jorge Celedón is the anthem of the quarantine on a worldwide level

JORGE CELEDÓN is a Vallenato artist who with his music and charisma has represented Colombians; when he arrived with his symphonic parrandón to all homes last Sunday with his historic concert in the arena of Monterrey, Mexico, being the first and only artist of the genre to have performed on this stage, obtaining a great reception from his followers who they find in their songs a voice of encouragement in this quarantine.

His recognized hit “ESTA VIDA” is in the top 5 of the most listened to vallenatos on YouTube. Commemorative song that has become the world anthem of quarantine.

“When you record a song, you don’t know how far it can go … At this moment this song has become the stimulus for many people, as the teacher #FacundoCabral said” By the grace of the Lord, my song walks alone, it arrives When my brothers have to arrive, my song is not in a hurry, I believe in eternity. Celedón published on his social networks after being performed by the Cervantes library choir in Shanghai, China.

The interpretation in Mandarin and Spanish by the Choir of the Cervantes library in Shanghai is one of the many versions that are made of “ESTA VIDA” in different languages ​​and countries. It currently has more than 6 million views on YouTube and is in the top 5 of the most listened to vallenatos providing a message of hope and faith, and more in these difficult times for all its followers.

JORGE CELEDÓN is preparing to release soon, new news about his most recent production “Sigo Cantando Al Amor”.

“ESTA VIDA” is available on all digital platforms. 

The YouTube channel where you can listen and see his musical themes is called “Jorge Celedón”.

For more information, follow them :

Twitter e Instagram : @Jorgitoceledon

Facebook : @oficialjorgeceledon