They let us know that the TIMBAL LATIN DANCE CONGRESS 2020 and the entire production team that due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected everyone’s lifestyle will unfortunately have to be canceled until November 2021, while reach a new normal for everyone’s safety and thus be able to enjoy

They have no doubt that the TIMBAL LATIN DANCE CONGRESS 2021 will be a great event, in which we will put all our effort and commitment, we will continue to count on the multi-champion salsa Adrián and Anita (Spain) and bachata Gabriel and Leticia (Argentina), also with SALSA concerts by Armando Cervantes and his Mambitos Salsa Orchestra and in BACHATA Mr. Kewin Cosmos!

The stages will be lit again in 2021 for all of us and the music will reverberate to the sound of their dance, allowing us to live great experiences and we will once again enjoy that energy of dancing together.

They also inform us that all people who have prepaid tickets for this year (2020) will have the option of applying said payment for TIMBAL LATIN DANCE CONGRESS 2021 or TRANSFER their pass without any additional cost; You just have to send an email to: [email protected] with the desired option to make the registration due, or if you have any questions.