A Titazo Limpio will be the concert of the Three Legendary TITOS this October 20th

TITO ROJAS, TITO NIEVES and TITO ALLEN will give a concert to the Salsero public at Lehman Center in the Bronx


Date: Saturday, October 20th

Time: 8:00PM

Tickets: $50 – $125

Venue: Lehman Center – Concert Hall. 250 Bedford Park Boulevard West Bronx, New York 10468       

Website: www.Lehmancenter.org    

TITO NIEVES “El Pavarotti de la Salsa”:

Humberto Nieves better known as “Tito Nieves” started his solo career in 1986, setting himself apart by singing salsa in English.  He became a chart-topper in 1997 with a song called “I Like It Like That”. Among his key albums are: “Classic” (1988), “Yo Quiero Cantar” (1989), “Fabricando Fantasias” (2004), and “Hoy, Mañana y Siempre” (2006), followed a year later with “Pura Salsa Live”, and 2008’s tribute offering Canciones Clásicas de Marco Antonio Solis, which landed at number 15 on Latin Heatseekers and 23 on the Top Latin albums charts.

His 2010 studio offering, “Entre Familia”, reached number 15 at Top Latin Albums and number two on the Tropical Albums list, followed by “Que Seas Feliz” (number 23) two years later. The majority of his singles regularly placed in the Top 20 over the next few years and his albums continued to chart. “Mis Mejores Recuerdos” (2014) placed at seven on Tropical Albums while its successor, the following year’s “En Dos Idiomas” on his newly created Tito Nieves Creations label, did even better, reaching number four.  Though he was now his own boss, Nieves had no time to take it easy, he toured hard over the next two years, surfacing again in 2017 with “Canciones Que No Se Olvidan”.