TITO NIEVES at St. George Theatre this May 19th


Tito Nieves

Tito Nieves, better known as El Pavarotti de la Salsa, began his artist career in New York with Orquesta Cimarrón. In 1987 he decided to start his solo career singing salsa in English. His biggest hits are: El Amor Más Bonito, Sleepwalker, and salsa hit in English, I Like It Like That. In 1988 released his first album “The Classic”.  “I want to sing” was the second album for RMM in 1989 with the theme in English I’ll Always Love You being a hit with English-Speaking radio stations. In 1991, Tito reached a platinum record with his third production “Let me live”. His fourth recording was sent in June of 1993 with the title “Puzzle”. In 1995 he released his fifth album, “Un tipo común”, which was produced in Puerto Rico by Cuto Soto and has arrangements by Ramón Sánchez, Julito Alvarado, Louis García and Cuto Soto. His sixth production had a big impact with the Theme in English I Like It Like That. Fabricando Fantasías (2004) is his seventh album whichinclude “Ya No Queda Nada” with La India, Nicky Jam, and K-Mil.In 2005, he released “Hoy, Mañana y Siempre”. Finally,in 2007 Tito Nieves presented “Classical Songs by Marco Antonio Solís”, a tribute to the Mexican singer-songwriter Marco Antonio Solís.