TITO RODRIGEZ JR. & SON DEL MONTE and his ORCHESTRA at Empire City Casino in NY this June 9th


Salsa Warriors celebrate their 4th Anniversary with the Greats of the Salsa!!!

Son Del Monte is a new and hot band based in New York City with an authentic and unique sound. Their music is hard driving and has an electrifying sound captivating the listener and the dancers. The band members are: Mauricio Smith Jr. (Flute), Eddie Venegas (Violin and Trombone), Charlie Garcia (Trombone), Eli Rivera (Piano), Bert Castro (Bass), Joe Gonzalez (Congas), Luis Ayala (singer), Armando Sonji (singer), Luis Soto (singer), Manny Rivera (Timbales and Musical Director) and Mike Acosta (Manager).