Tony Vega returns one day at a time

Tony Vega returns one day at a time
Tony Vega

After the renowned Puerto Rican singer was subjected to open heart surgery, and having been on the brink of death, he is now recovering and living “one day at a time” and grateful to God for extending his days in this world.

Tony Vega, voice of great classics of romantic salsa such as: “Aparentemente”, “Ella Es”, “Lo Mío Es Amor” and “Tu Prenda Tendida”, among other hits that he has popularized throughout his career, is one one of the artists most loved by the public who follows the Salsa genre.

Before her health was compromised, Tony had just recorded for an interesting musical project called “Romance en Salsa” carried out by the Codiscos label, under the direction of the also renowned musician and producer Diego Galé.

In this majestic production, Tony Vega, exclusive artist of SH Producciones for Venezuela, gave life to the salsa version of the famous bolero entitled “Perdón”, which was popularized by Daniel Santos and now in this masterful version with the interpretation of our artist .

Tony is currently recovering at home and also keeping his quarantine due to COVID-19, at the same time that he promotes this musical number.

We invite all the salsa-loving public to listen and support the song “Perdón”, the new great musical success of Tony Vega.