Workshops and Social dances at the Kiz Me Up

African and Latin rhythms, covid-19, kiz me up,

Many might very well think that the pandemic has resulted in the shut-down of all activities related to dance globally, but this is not entirely true. Every day we see how event organizers and dance instructors have done their best to continue doing their job in the best possible way in the midst of adversity.

A perfect example has to do with the rise of African and Latin rhythms throughout the European continent, particularly in France. In this part of the world, a very interesting movement of African artists or African descendants who want to promote the music from their land has been consolidated, which has not stopped growing despite the current situation caused by Covid-19. We see this when events such as Kiz Me Up appear, said event is focused on teaching how to dance urban kiz and semba at all levels.

This event will take place every Sunday and will be full of social dances and workshops taught by the best teachers specialized in their respective genres.

So now you know. If you want to learn how to dance semba or urban kiz and enjoy good music in Bondoufle, the Kiz Me Up is waiting for you.

For more information, visit the Facebook page of Video Paris Kizomba.