November 10th – 12th

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Bigger! Better! More Exciting and Thrilling!

Katrina Quintal - Australia

The World Bachata Festival 2017 is set to raise the bar from all the previous years and going the extra mile, all because of the great feedback and enthusiasm shown by all the previous participants who tagged last year’s festival as the best one so far. The World Bachata Festival is one of the many Bachata festivals that’s happening around the world and has been featured in the International Salsa Magazine.

Latin dance, originating from Latin American countries, is a very popular form of ballroom and folk dance with a tinge of sensuality that is unique to each dance form ranging from Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, to Salsa, Mambo, Merengue and Bachata, to name a few. Many dance schools exist locally teaching and they’re expanding their popularity thru their respective events. One such event encompassing many of these dance forms with local and foreign participation is the World Bachata Festival.

The World Bachata Festival will feature world class instructors from countries like Australia, India, Cuba, Philippines and the US participating and conducting workshops at the festival of 4 days and 3 nights. The 5th World Bachata Festival is scheduled for 10th, 11th and 12th of November 2017 at the Bentley Music Auditorium, Wisma Bentley Music in Mutiara Damansara with performances, workshops and parties. Some of the top deejays will also be providing a flavor and feast of the best in Latin music for a night of non-stop dancing.

World Bachata Festival 2017The fabulous line up of instructors are Romina & Kendrick J (Australia), Tharindu and Sabina (Australia), Oneysis & María (New York), Lourd Vijay (India), Yogi & Marta (India & Poland), Carlos Redondo & Chloe Loh (Australia & Spain), Dhwani Bahar (Indonesia), Kasun Dias (Sri Lanka), Richard David Tholoor (India), Josie Cote (Canada), Takahashi Mariko (Japan), Tony Lara (Australia), Katrina Quintal (Australia), Amar (Malaysia), Nestor & Rebecca (Australia), Kalnish Schubert (Malaysia), Ana Palma (Philipines), KL Son Project (Malaysia) and Güpson Pierre (Canada). Performances for the 3 nights will also include Havana Estudio (Malaysia), M-Style Ladies (Japan) and Sambasitas (International). DJs spinning your most favourite music will be Güpson Pierre (Canada) and DJ Selva (Malaysia).

Come join the World Bachata Festival in a totally interactive, friendly and enriching experience with a multinational crowd while still infused with the rich local culture and flavors you will surely cherish. The world Bachata Festival 2017 is set to offer the best of workshops, boot-camps and performances.

Check out all the details and book your tickets at and make a date with us come November 10th to 12th 2017.

Press release: Liitha Krishnan